Potatoes boiled, fried and mashed

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White potatoes for every recipe

Sarah Jamieson, a New Zealander living in Amsterdam at the time of this programme, presents her first piece from an expats perspective for Expatsradio.com .
In the introductory interview she explains how she came to be in Holland and gives us a flavour of what it is like and what she is doing. We are looking forward to more programmes and hope this offering entitled, 'Potatoes, Mashed or Fried?' will make you smile.
The report highlights the importance of potatoes to the Dutch. They eat 4.5 million tons of them per year! The winter is the time when they really come into their own and are the basis of most of the hearty meals that are the cornerstone of the nation.
The potato originated in the Andes some 8 thousand years ago and they went into cultivation 6 thousand years ago. The Spanish brought the vegetable back to Europe as an exotic find. And the rest is history. In Holland there is a dedicated website 'ardappel paginas' where you can watch a 12 minute video on potatoes. Apart form China, Holland is one of the largest potato growers. 25% of the country's land is for potato growing and some 8 million tons are produced.
Sarah asks a mix of Dutch nationals and expats how they felt about potatoes and their use.
There are some interesting facts brought out in the interviews and we think you will be amazed by the statistics!
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