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musical delirium

 July 2016 'In The Park'


Inspired by a joyful piece of musical delirium by Lonnie Liston Smith, Mark's July show takes you on a summer's musical mystery tour that stops off in New York, Rio, Rhode Island, the Sudan, Haiti, Cuba and just about anywhere else you can let your mind travel. In the summertime (when the weather is fine), it's groovy all day music that should offer you almost as much fun as it's possible to have without your shoes on. Sawrite!


Intro: Dolapdere Big Gang 'Smoke on the water'

Track 1: Lonnie Liston Smith – 'In the Park'

Track 2: War – 'All Day Music'

Track 3: Aretha Franklin – 'Groovin''

Track 4: Apollo Nove – 'Inexplicata'

Track 5: Cassandra Wilson – 'Lay Lady Lay'

Track 6: John Hammond – 'Comes Love'

Track 7: Gregory Porter – 'Water'

Track 8: Miles Davis Quintet – 'Stella by Starlight'

Track 9: Clara Moreno – 'Balança Pema'

Track 10: Ruben Gonzalez – 'Chanchullo'

Track 11: Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra – 'Bade Zile'

Track 12: Emmanuel Jal & Abd El Gadir Salim – 'Asabi'

Track 13: Noura Mint Seymali – 'Arbina'

Track 14: Titan – 'Sawrite'


Writer, journalist, DJ and instructional designer

Weekly blog: http://lavieenstraw.blogspot.fr 
'Lost & Found' radio show at http://expatsradio.com/search/node/mark%20sampson
Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mark-Sampson/e/B008TRNU4Y?oo=41439047

Mark has just brought out a paperback version of his Kindle e-book, La Vie En Straw. His selection of some of his best pieces from his long-running blog of the same name offers an entertaining impression of daily life as it evolves throughout the year in his beautiful and largely unspoilt part of the world. From deep within the comely house of straw that’s familiar to viewers of Channel 4’s Grand Designsemerges a humorous and intimate picture of family life in an often perplexing foreign land.
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